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Plant a seed & watch your clients grow.

Give clients and prospects a unique touchpoint that keeps you top of mind while also increasing the greenery in their office. Research* shows that the presence of plants and nature has a positive impact on employee focus, creativity, and overall job satisfaction.

*Check out the research! Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3

Hyperspark Leaflet
Fresh Delivery

Fresh insights & plants delivered to your clients & prospects.

Hyperspark Leaflet is a one-of-a-kind service that reinforces you as an Employee Benefits expert who prioritizes employee wellbeing. Using 2 innovative touch-points, you can capture the attention of your clients & prospects, giving you more opportunities to grow your business.


Benefits Mastery


Desk Plant Kits

Our benefits & insurance marketing experts compose a series of 10 emails that establish you as the benefits expert to count on. We send the emails to you - all you do is copy & paste them into an email to your recipients. Learn more about the Benefits Mastery series.

Hyperspark sends a package with a set of 20 plant kits to your recipient on behalf of you. Each delivery of kits comes with a printed leaflet that encourages your recipient to make the kits available to employees. Learn more about the Desk Plant Kits.

How it Works


Identify 5 or more clients and/or prospects that you would like to enroll in Hyperspark Leaflet.


Fill out a simple questionnaire. We’ll use your responses to compose your series of 10 Benefits Mastery emails and create custom stickers for your plant kits.


Hyperspark prepares your plant kits and ships them to your recipients (each recipient gets 20 plant kits to start)*.


Hyperspark will send you a weekly Benefits Mastery email for you to copy and send from your email address (over 10 weeks).

*At any point, you can order more plant kits to be delivered to your recipients if they would like to distribute more.

Benefits Mastery Email Sequence

Our benefits & insurance marketing experts compose a series of 10 emails that establish you as the benefits expert to count on. We send the emails to you - all you do is copy & paste them into an email to your recipients.

A game-changing solution positioning you as the go-to expert

Over the course of 10 weeks, you'll receive valuable insurance and benefits content that not only helps your recipients excel in their roles but also keeps you top-of-mind during their buying decisions. Rest assured, you retain complete control as you are able to review the content before sending it to your recipients. Want to talk about a specific topic? Simply provide topic suggestions or bullet points, and Hyperspark's experts will compose an email tailored to your requirements. Elevate your presence, empower your recipients, and establish yourself as a trusted industry authority.

Desk Plant Kits

Leave a lasting impression while fostering a greener workplace. Hyperspark Leaflet starts with a delivery of 20 desk plant kits, helping you stay top of mind while enhancing the office environment. Research consistently demonstrates the positive impact of plants and nature on employee well-being, including increased focus, heightened creativity, and improved job satisfaction. By offering these desk plant kits, you not only showcase your commitment to employee happiness but also contribute to a healthier and more vibrant workspace. Let Hyperspark Leaflet be the unique touchpoint that sets you apart, elevates your outreach, and brings the beauty of nature into the everyday lives of your valued employees.

Plants and Leaves

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Vast healthcare & insurance knowledge

We stay on top of the latest healthcare and insurance trends to ensure that the content we make for you is timely, relevant, and valuable. Your clients and prospects will remember your captivating and insightful commentary, helping to boost your image as an authority in the space.


Healthcare laws & compliance

Smart commentary on policy changes that HR leaders want to know about.


Medical innovation

Demonstrate your expertise in your medical field with commentary on the latest medical innovations.


Employee benefits & risk management trends

How employers across the U.S. are addressing employee benefits and risk management.


Health & wellness

Timely, relevant, and valuable content related to health and wellness.

Marketing departments & operations leaders

Hyperspark Leaflet is a great compliment to company-wide marketing operations. Helping your people stay top-of-mind with their clients and prospects lead to more business. Contact Us to learn about options for your company.

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