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Give the Scoop with Tiny Bites

Send expertly-crafted health & benefits insights to clients & prospects, along with delectable tiny cookies.


Choose a topic or let us write an original piece for you. Either way, Tiny Bites makes a big impression.

Find New Prospects

Spark Conversations

Make Better Connections

Spark Conversations

A fresh vector for your company's sales & marketing strategy.

Hyperspark produces ready-to-publish personalized videos, graphics, and social posts to build the personal brands of your sales team and executive leadership.

Help them spark conversations and stay top of mind with the people they want to reach. All they have to do is hit “post” with the personalized expert content we send every week.

A new way to spark conversations and build a following

What if your audience could see a steady stream of captivating videos featuring your messaging, and insights that establish you as the expert that they want to talk to? Hyperspark helps you reach new people and spark conversations, giving you more opportunities to grow your business.


Always great content

Combining solid marketing expertise with vast healthcare and insurance knowledge, Hyperspark produces exceptional content that’s relevant to your audience.


Your posts on autopilot

Creating good content is time consuming…leave that part to us! Every week, you’ll get great (and personalized) videos and posts delivered to your inbox, ready-to-publish.


Shareable content boosts visibility

Every “share” of your post puts your message in front of more people. That’s a wide net!


Better than advertising

The people who see your posts already know you, or they’re connected to someone who knows you. That’s a head-start compared to traditional advertising.

Content that matches your unique message

Whether you’re a seasoned executive or just starting out, your content should reflect who you are. Hyperspark curates and produces content that embodies your message and values.

Have company branding that you want to use? We work with you and/or your marketing team to produce content according to your brand guidelines.

Vast healthcare & insurance knowledge

We stay on top of the latest healthcare and insurance trends to ensure that the content we make for you is timely, relevant, and valuable. Your social media followers (along with their connections) will remember your captivating and insightful posts, helping to boost your image as an authority in the space.


Healthcare laws & compliance

Smart commentary on policy changes that HR leaders want to know about.


Medical innovation

Demonstrate your expertise in your medical field with commentary on the latest medical innovations.


Employee benefits & risk management trends

How employers across the U.S. are addressing employee benefits and risk management.


Health & wellness

Timely, relevant, and valuable content related to health and wellness.

Marketing departments & operations leaders

Hyperspark’s solution is a great compliment to company-wide marketing operations. Helping your people boost their presence online enables your company to reach more qualified prospects, sparking conversations that lead to more business. And the video stories and posts are captivating and informative, not the same generic content that fills up everyone’s feeds.

Explore our packages

Show your audience a steady stream of captivating videos featuring your message, and insights that establish you as the expert that decision-makers want to talk to. We help you reach new people and spark conversations, giving you more opportunities to build your business.

  • For Individuals


    Every month
    A great option to spark conversations & keep you top of mind
    • 1 personalized video story
    • 2 compelling social media posts
    • 1 expertly designed graphic
    • 1 built-for-you Vimeo or YouTube page (if requested)
  • Company

    Every month
    Hyper-growth for your team's social presence
    • Great for 1-2 executives, but up to 6 people can share plan
    • 4 enhanced personalized video stories
    • 6 compelling social media posts
    • 2 expertly designed graphics
    • 1 short-form "ghostwritten" op-ed
    • 30-min. marketing strategy session
    • 1 built-for-you Vimeo or YouTube page (if requested)
    • 1 event/webinar invitation build-out (if requested)
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